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preparation course

DELE stands for: Diploma del Español como Lengua Extranjera or Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language. These are the internationally recognized official qualifications with permanent validity granted by Instituto Cervantes.
Our DELE Exam Preparation course dates are bound up with the official DELE exam year schedule, but if you’re not planing on taking the exam right away, you can start your DELE course any Monday of the year.

Lexis offers DELE Exam preparation courses for levels B1, B2, C1, & C2.
These course is strictly for practice on DELE: working on sample exams along the teacher, discussing topics that may be in the different parts of the exam, making timed practices, etc.



10 or 20 classes per week


55 min

45 minutes each class with breaks in between



Classes in the morning



Starting every Monday (unless a holiday)



Should be combined with a General Spanish course, so you work on your language skills, reinforce topics that they may feel weak and practice a lot on conversation, grammar, etc.

DELE Course Prices


10 classes


  • 1 week - 210€

  • 2 weeks - 415€

  • 3 weeks - 600€

  • 4 weeks - 785€

  • extra week +195€


20 classes


  • 1 week - 395€

  • 2 weeks - 775€

  • 3 weeks - 1130€

  • 4 weeks - 1450€

  • extra week +360€

Courses available at all levels and start every Monday, unless a holiday. Inscription for less than 10 classes per week available monthly only.


January 1st
January 6th
February 28th
March 29 & 30th 

May 1st
August 15 & 20th (Feria)
September 8th
October 12th 
November 1st
Decembre 6th
December 8th
December 25th 

Find out your approx. level in couple of minutes by taking a quick test   Level Test

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What do students have to say about us

  • Justyna L. POLAND

    Last summer, I took part in a Spanish course at Lexis Institute in Malaga. Not only have I made a great improvement in my language level, but I also had a chance to immerse myself in Spanish culture. I was offered a wide range of extra trips all over the Andalusian region and Malaga city. What I really treasured was a homely atmosphere at the institute. The school's staff was extremely nice and always willing to help. Study at Lexis and get to know authentic Spain!
  • Tilbert K. GERMANY

    Gracias Lexis :) Gracias también a Katarzyna que ha hecho un trabajo muy bueno. Voy a volver, segurísimo. Ha sido un placer haber estado con Luis y Paula.
  • Zsófia T. HUNGARY

    My experience at Lexis was the most intense, amazing, vital and refreshing experience of my life. The teachers are lovely and they treat you like friends. I didn't even for a moment feel like I was in a school. They made studying languages fun! Every time I was in class I felt like I was spending time with a friend using a foreign languageand they made me want to be better and learn more in order to express myself properly. The accommodations are just as great as the ones I'd pick for myself.
  • Lyndsay K. & Anne R. U.K.

    Profesores muy entregados, amables y simpáticos. Estuvimos muy impresionadas de todo el personal en la escuela. ¡Gracias a todos!
  • Alicja O. POLAND

    Una escuela fantástica. Hice un curso de español de dos semanas, 20 horas a la semana con el alojamiento incluido. Todo muy bien organizado desde el principio hasta el final. La escuela está muy bien situada, contiene todas las comodidades para estudiar el idioma con facilidad y disfrutar aprendiendo. Todos muy simpáticos, amables y siempre dispuestos a echar una mano en cualquier situación.
  • Cristina C. ITALY

    I not only increased my new language skills but made new friends as well and this was a precious experience for me!!! The teachers at Lexis Instituto are professionals and they have a friendly approach of connecting with students . The school provides a lot of interactive materials for learning process and during the free time you can attend day trips to nearby cities. Andalusia is a terrific place and people are truly amazing!!
  • Stefano P. ITALY

    La escuela de idiomas Lexis ha sido para mi un bonito descubrimiento. Después mi mudanza por motivos de trabajo en Málaga, tenia que mejorar mi idioma y capacidad lingüística. La escuela Lexis me ha sido aconsejada por un amigo como una de la mejores en Málaga capital y no se equivocaba. Mi dudas eran sobre la capacidad de una curso de idiomas de ser atractivo y divertido una vez ya pasada la edad escolar (30+).
  • Xiaoping L. CHINA

    En Lexis las clases de español son muy entretenidas y útiles. La profesora ayuda a los alumnos a mejorar la gramática y la conversación casi a la vez. Eso es muy bueno porque es mejor para la confianza del alumno. Además el grupo no es muy grande y eso es mejor para practicar y para poder preguntar a la profesora. Eso es muy importante cuando aprendes español.
3rd Monday of every month, unless a holiday. Our afternoon activities let you trully discover all that Malaga has to offer.
Malaga´s central location in Andalucia let´s you discover many beautiful places.

LEXIS INSTITUTO, with over 23 years experience and a stable team of 24 staff members, we ensure you that you will receive the best educational experience. Our dedicated and caring staff creates a friendly environment allowing students not only to achieve their language goals easily but also to make friends from around the world. Get in touch and keep in touch with us via your choice of social media, email, chat or phone!.


Paseo de la Farola, 3, 29016 Malaga, Spain

Contact No.

+34 952 22 40 06; +34 952 226 090

Email Address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lexis General Conditions

Lexis has been the beneficiary of Fondo Europeo de Desarollo Regional who´s objective is to improve the competitiveness of PYMES and thanks to which the Plan de Marketing Digital Internacional has been put in place and its objective is to improve the online placement in foreign markets during 2017. The initiative has received the collaboration of Programa XPANDE DIGITAL de la Camara de Comercio, Industria, Servicios y Navegacion de la Provincia de Malaga.

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